Pigs Cemetary

(Warning: The images in today’s post contain foul language.) Pigs #1 is old-school cool, a vicious, dark, and funny look at the way the past defines — and harms — the present. The story follows the actions of a second-generation Communist sleeper cell, so right off the bat you know this is a comic about Read More →

Pathfinder Index

Question: Does my tabletop roleplaying game need an index? Answer: Yes. Okay, okay, there are many exceptions to this rule. If you’re putting together the spiritual descendent of Kobolds Ate My Baby, sure, an index might not be necessary. If you’re planning on putting most of your resources into an online update system (*koff* WOTC Read More →

Darkness of Light in Punisher

Punisher is an anti-hero, a dark character even within the known-for-edge Marvel universe. The Punisher has employed torture, blackmail, kidnapping, and good old-fashioned murder as part of his ongoing attempt to wreak violent ends on criminals. Like a problem child (or a superstar, depending on your point of view), Punisher was assigned a special place Read More →

Limited Perspective in Mystic

Most comics use omniscient third person to tell their stories. In other words, the comic’s narrative eye knows and sees everything happening in the comic’s world. With omniscient narration, comics can relate events occurring in different times or thousands of miles apart. The comic can share events that are otherwise secret, that a particular character Read More →