Friends With Boys: Full Internet Preview

I’ve talked about web comics before. Gunnerkrig Court is one of my favorite web-to-print comics (and librarians take note: Book 3 was just released in full, glorious color). I’ve been a fan of Faith Erin Hicks since her Demonology 101 days. Someday I’ll write about the magical realism of Weird Fishes and repetition in Order of the Stick.

Today, however, I’m offering a signal boost in lieu of actual criticism. First Second Books, who seem wicked cool, have agreed to let Hicks post all of her newest comic, Friends With Boys, on the Internet before its publication next spring. The comic will update every weekday until all 211 pages of the comic are live.

Friends With Boys
Friends With Boys

Friends With Boys is a story about Maggie, a girl who’s been homeschooled with her three brothers for most of her life. At the beginning of the comic, she’s starting public high school for the first time. The first 32 pages of the comic are up, and already there’s a lot to like. The comic has a particularly interesting relationship to time so far, and I’ll be curious to see how that element plays out in the rest of the book.


It’s my hope that the full Internet preview will turn out to be a good gamble for the artist and for the publisher. The Friends With Boys archive will let you start reading from the beginning (or whatever page you left off on).


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