Four Color Criticism is a blog about form and technique, about how geeky things do what they do.


A critique is different from a review. Reviews tell you just enough about something so that you can decide whether or not you might be interested in it. Criticism assumes that you’ve heard or read or seen all of the work being discussed. Sometimes this means I’ll be talking about plot points or other things that might diminish your enjoyment of something if you read my critique before you see the original.


I try to limit myself to a reasonable number of words per post. I could probably (happily) spend hundreds of thousands of words trying to explain why Astro City is great. So if you feel like I’ve left something out about your favorite work, I probably have. Please feel free to extend the conversation in comments or your own writing space.

The Blogger

I’m a technical editor and writer who lives in the Atlanta area. I like many geeky things, and I like trying to understand how and why I like those geeky things.

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